How MAXISAL® works


  • Promotes oral comfort
  • Helps promote normal salivary function
  • Enhances salivary function
  • Helps to relieve occasional dry mouth associated with aging.

Clinical data indicate that MAXISAL® improves the baseline production of saliva, known as unstimulated whole saliva, in many people experiencing dryness of the mouth. Until the discovery of MAXISAL®, temporary relief from dry mouth could only be achieved while the candy or chewing gum was in the mouth, making nighttime relief difficult.

MAXISAL® has been shown in scientific human clinical studies to help alleviate the distress of oral dryness and oral discomfort and provide long-term relief. 

Unlike other products for dry mouth that may produce fast, but short-lived relief, MAXISAL® works over time to provide a long-lasting benefit. 
In clinical trials of MAXISAL®, relief of dry mouth was seen after 6 weeks of daily treatment. It is recommended that MAXISAL® be taken at least three times per day for at least 6 weeks to experience maximum benefit. A user of MAXISAL® should not expect instant relief as chronic problems take time to influence.

Made in Germany, US-Patent